7 Benefits of Engaging with C2QFM


1. Complimentary Trial Services

C2Q Facility Management offers a complimentary trial service, giving you the convenience of assessing our technique, skills, knowledge and customer service before you even have to spend a cent. This gives us the chance to instill the confidence you will need when trusting all of your facility management interests to an outside source. We want to prove to you that we are the most reliable, knowledgeable and professional company in the business, and there is no better way than to let you see for yourself what we are capable of than to offer a complimentary trial service. Whatever solution you require, C2Q Facility Management will tailor to your specific needs and provide a complimentary trial service in that department, assuring you that choosing C2Q is the most prudent decision you will make with a dependable and proficient demonstration of our expertise.

2. Proactive Approach To Customer Service

We offer a proactive approach to customer service, and make sure you are always advised and informed of the most practical and affordable options as well as the status and operation of our services, imparted to the smallest detail of significance. You’ll never feel out of the loop working with C2Q, as it is our priority and dedication to provide you with our distinct and reliable customer service that is a recognized and reputable attribute of C2Q Facility Management.

3. Customized Solutions as Per Customer Requirements

At C2Q, your input and requirements are met with exceptional adherence per your specifications. It is our duty and satisfaction to meet your expectations and exceed them, giving you the comfort of knowing that your instructions are implemented with competence and expertise at every particular arrangement. We’ll go out of our way to offer you the unique and customized services that you need for the functionality of your property and execute them precisely to your ideal specified details.

4. Total Facility Services Under One Roof

C2Q offers a comprehensive solution to all of your property management needs. We specialize in a full range of services that gives you the convenience of no longer having to concern yourself with hiring multiple companies to manage your facility. Each and every department at C2Q is an esteemed collective of professionals who possess an inclusive knowledge and capacity of their trade, and will apply it accordingly and diligently in the services we offer to your immense satisfaction and approval.

5. 24/7 Dedicated Account Manager

A 24/7 dedicated account manager is always on call to maintain and manage your property should an issue arise. There will be no delays or miscommunications as each and every account has a personal manager that can be reached through one point of contact in case of emergency or if you have any questions. This allows for seamless correspondence between client and property manager ensuring a prompt relay of information and timely response with continuous monitoring of your account and interests. A 24/7 dedicated account manager will always be aware of your needs and concerns giving you the leisure of having cohesive and uninterrupted remote management of your facility.

6. 24 Hours Service Including Trades Services

No full service Facility Management company is complete without a 24-hour service capability. C2Q proudly excels in providing you with 24 hour service including trade services to keep your facility up to spec and our client’s needs fulfilled at any time of the day. We cover every technicality with our 24 hour trade services, from strategic assessment, planning and document management, project, cost and budget planning, response maintenance and environmental management, as well as service upgrades and facility condition audits to fulfill your every requirement at a moment’s notice. Discover the broadness of our abilities through our 24 hour service and trade service department and utilize our expertise, assessment and planning to ensure optimal operation of your property.

7. Peace of Mind

C2Q gives you peace of mind by providing a relationship built on trust, communication, and  reliability, with the objective of longevity to maintain a lasting and mutually rewarding association in mind. Each and every client we work with is an opportunity for us to excel in our profession and set the highest standards available in the business, giving you the comfort and dependence you need, and the confidence in knowing you have made the right decision. You are the priority at C2Q and we are devoted to your peace of mind while being your full service facility management choice.