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    Security can be an essential element in the provisional maintenance of a property, personal safety assurance, and successful event function. 2J Security has developed an excelling standard for delivering a distinguished and adept approach to security service over many years of experience.

    Each and every one of our security team members is a highly-trained and qualified professional dedicated to the duties comprising their positions. Guards are provided uniquely per site and client specifications, and create a secure atmosphere with assertive professionalism. Every one of our members is sent on site with a police check, is trained in doing emergency evacuations, and is regularly monitored by a 2J Security Supervisor along with property oversight. Guards will even do basic cleaning where applicable, and guard activity reports are provided by us every month. Our guards are selected specifically for the positions they will be assigned to, which include security in many departments, and represent the requirements with respect to experience and expertise.

    Residential: Optimal security for safety and reassurance of residents and guests

    Corporate: Provide a safe and secure working environment for maximum productivity in a corporate setting

    Retail: Safeguard personnel and merchandise to ensure continuous business function

    Construction Site: Protect hardware and materials from theft and vandalism

    Industrial: Maintain security and accountability in an industrial setting

    Personal Body Guard: Personal protection in any setting

    K9 & Guard Dog Services: Security dog services for an extra layer of insurance

    Mobile Patrol: Mobile security services for any type of property or setting

    Crowd Control: Safety and security within populated gatherings and occasions

    Special Events: Provide a buffer of safety and control for any type of event

    Pubs & Clubs Security: Keep the peace and guarantee safety in Pubs or Clubs

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