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    Every well-maintained property requires an ideal landscape with consistently manicured grounds to symbolize positive work ethic and offer an accommodating atmosphere for employees and clients. At C2Q we can create your ideal landscape starting with the perfect design for your site, and offer consistent upkeep to maintain its exquisite appearance. Our full-service approach ensures that all of your landscaping needs are taken care of by our team of specialists, who create and maintain grounds for properties of any size with consideration of every commodity including affordability and time.

    C2Q’s Landscaping Services Include:

    Soil Management: Nutrient-rich and bountiful soil for your lawn or garden

    Irrigation Management: Functioning and professional irrigation systems

    Planting, Transplanting & Dividing: Plant, transplant and divide to ensure flourishing trees and plants for your property

    Pest and Weed Control: Protect trees and gardens from annoying and harmful pests and weeds

    Pruning & Hedging: Prune and hedge to create perfectly manicured and appealing surroundings

    Mulching: Top quality mulching services provide protection for plants and ensure water retention and longevity

    Tree Surgery: Repair or alter trees to improve appearance or health

    Lawn Manicure: Lawn services for an elegant and respectable presentation

    Edging: Styles to fit your preference and setting for a perfectionist look

    Aeration & Top Dressing: Ensure growth and durability for your lawn

    Fertilization: Give your lawn or garden a safe and effective boost of fertility

    Waste Removal: Professional and timely removal of waste for a clean and respectable environment

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