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    At C2Q we proudly offer top-level Concierge service to clientele who demand the highest degree of comportment associated with attendant services. Our Concierges maintain dignified confidence and a friendly, interpersonal bearing while exemplifying their position to the delight and satisfaction of our customers. Each of our Concierge members has been trained in the skills and art of their profession and exhibits exceptional conduct while carrying out an admirable range of duties. Noteworthy communication and intuitive thinking, as well as a broad reference knowledge are trademarks of being a successful Concierge, and our members deliver in all respects making C2Q Concierge Service your premier choice for attendant placement.

    Our range of Concierge services include:

    Making Reservations: Timely and accurate reservations with attention to detail and concise instructions

    Offering Local Knowledge and References: Superb knowledge and understanding of locations, directions and accommodations

    Assisting Guests and Residents: Handling of luggage, opening doors, calling lifts as well as any and all other needs and requirements of guests and residents

    Booking Taxis: Ensuring Taxis are booked and arrive according to guest’s and resident’s needs

    Controlling & Monitoring Access: Access points are monitored at all times to provide maximum security

    Ensuring a Safe Environment: All measures are taken to provide a safe and secure environment for guests and residents

    Key & Parcel Log: Detailed and accurate logs of keys and parcels provided

    Daily Occurrence Book & Move in and Notice Diary: All occurrences, move-ins and notices noted daily

    Weekly Concierge Report: Provided every week to ensure up-to-date information is logged and relayed

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